Welcome to the refurbished Kannusali in autumn 2020!

At Kannusali, you can enjoy fantastic music clubs, KannuKino’s movies, family events and much more such as theatre and stand-up comedy. The multipurpose facilities are located in the Kannu civil defence shelter, a short walk  from the Espoo railway station in Espoon keskus. The tiered seating has room for 220 spectators and, thanks  to it being movable, there is room for a total of 300 people on the flat floor of the room.

Are you interested in collaboration  or organising an event at Kannusali?  Don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we can turn your vision into reality. Simppu Silaste , Executive Producer: tel. 050 594 2755, simppu.silaste@espoo.fi

Kannusali’s safety measures in the autumn

The well-being of our audience, performers and employees is our top priority. During the autumn season, we will take the necessary safety measures required by the coronavirus situation. Read more.



Erja Lyytinen
Six String Underground: Erja Lyytinen
Thu 01.10.2020 19.00
 Jesse Markin
Six String Underground: Jesse Markin
Fri 02.10.2020 18.30
Pelle Miljoona Rockers
Six String Underground: Pelle Miljoona Rockers
Fri 09.10.2020 19.00
Yhtye talon rappusilla
Film concert:The silent film Betrothal, accompanied with live music by UkEt band
Sat 10.10.2020 17.00
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